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Consultancy Service

WiderWorld is a humble company with a team of dedicated individuals, who want to contribute ourselves in the areas of IT/Management Consulting, Systems Integration, Digital Marketing and Custom Build Systems Development to enhance our client's business values. Find out more about our services.

Business Transformation

Change is about the only constant in the business environment today. Global competition, policy changes and the need to comply with new standards forces organizations to transform the way they run their business. Without a solid catalyst to drive the transformation, many fail to succeed with their initiatives. WiderWorld believes that proven IT tools are catalysts to drive successful transformation initiatives. Our consultants will work closely with clients to review business processes and apply appropriate technology effectively.

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Digitial Marketing

In this rapidly changing landscape, digital marketing is crucial for businesses to maintain relevance and competitiveness. Without proper execution, a business may miss out on valuable growth opportunities and fail to connect with its target audience. At WiderWorld, we possess the technical capabilities to support businesses in their digital marketing endeavors. Our range of services includes website revamps, advanced analytics, omnichannel solutions, and industry-specific systems customized to meet unique needs.

Aluminum Beverage Cans
Global Beverage Brand B2B Distribution Platform & Localization Initialtives

Transform a global food and beverage enterprise CMS into a localized B2B reseller & distributor platform with bespoke CMS customization and integration with SAP, Oracle & AWS, etc. Tailor-made WeChat Mini Program & activation campaigns with lucky draws & customer surveys inside WeChat Mini Program to engage China users.

Knowledge Management

“Do we know what we know?” Business executives around the world are asking the question. Constantly seeing their employees making the same mistakes twice or reinventing the wheel, many are embarking on their knowledge management journey to become a learning organization.

WiderWorld delivers practical and proven KM tools such as Document Management systems, Corporate social networking and collaboration systems. Our KM consultants will work with your team to plan content and taxonomy structure for your corporate knowledge and provide valuable tools for all employees.

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Tailor-made Projects

WiderWorld offers tailor-made projects to help companies solve specific problems or achieve particular goals. The team works closely with clients to understand their needs, design the best practice, and develop customized solutions that fit their unique needs. Our team has worked on numerous projects in this field; welcome to find out more.

Stock Market Data
Futures and options trading platform customization

State-of-the-art trading platform connected to HKEX, which must be fast, stable and secure for professional VIP traders and able to handle massive volumes of market data & trading logic in real-time.


e-Learning has dramatically enhanced the overall learning experience of business training, enabling employees to have learning opportunities regardless of time and location.
Organizations use E-Learning to deliver awareness, compliance and instructional training programmes effectively from both a cost and training perspective. WiderWorld’s proven methodology can guide your organization step by step to deliver successful, sustainable e-learning programmes.
Our E-Learning consultants will organize workshops and interviews with content owners to provide guidance on compiling the scope and learning approach, defining the learning outcomes, constructing the course outline and content, designing assessments, and developing the e-learning systems to ensure success.

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