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WeChat Mini program
Unlock the key to success in China

未命名設計 (6)_edited.jpg

WeChat Mini Program
Unlock the key to success in China

WeChat has built a unique ecosystem of Social Commerce.


Monthly Active Users for search on WeChat in 2022


Brands are confident that WeChat plays an important role in marketing.


Transactions generated by WeChat mini programs in 2019 (RMB)


Increase of annual transactions of foreign business which launched mini programs in 2019-2020

Create a connected journey with the all-round touchpoints in WeChat ecosystem.



Under the WeChat Mini Program, customers do not have to download the app and can save it in the chat. As this unique searching behavior in China, more than 88% brands are using WeChat for their marketing tunnel.

32% of WeChat user using as a prime search engine 


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170+ templates for festival promotion and shop layout

Advertising playing important role in marketing. WeChat mini program has over 100+ advertising champaign for you to apply your business and support the live-streaming function for promotion. 


100+ promotional tools such as discount code, group selling

WeChat mini program encourages customers with monetary incentives to share the brand within their social circle which create the viral marketing effect.

Customers can enjoy the one-stop buying style with "Secure payment", "Instant checkout". Companies can withdraw Hong Kong dollars directly from Hong Kong bank account from the online oversea transactions.

In-app payment for oversea businesses

Making payment via QR code



Enhance brand stickiness by retaining loyal customers

Retaining the customers is easier than reaching the potential customers! With this function, better customer experience can be delivered, and social bonds can be created.

Suitable for different Industries 

Buy Coffee
Shoe Boutique
Paying for Groceries
Flower Shop
Pet Supplies
Facial Treatment
Learning with Tablets
Beer Brewery Machine
Wedding Photography

Our Reference

“Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you or use your products. Change the text and add your own."

Our Reference

Turning a global food and beverage enterprise CMS into localized B2B reseller & distributor platform with CMS customization, Tailor-made Wechat miniprogram & activation campaigns with luckydraws & customer survey inside miniprogram.

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