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Protects sensitive information
in just a few clicks

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Internal Data Leaks account for 64% of all data leakage incidents, yet least resources is allocated to prevent and detect this kind of threat

Why businesses need Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

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DLP (Data Loss Prevention) is critical component of an organization's cybersecurity strategy. While the majority of businesses spend most of its cyber securities resources to eliminate external threat, internal threat are often overlooked and has now become the major threat to business cyber security if we combine both accidental and malicious internal threats. Businesses need DLP to protect their sensitive information from unauthorized access, theft, and leaks. In short, cyber security DLP helps businesses protect their sensitive information, preserve their competitive advantage and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations and standards laid by governments and clients.

Who needs Data Loss Prevention?

Any business/organization that possesses sensitive or private information such as client details, CCTV footage and confidential intellectual property should have an effective DLP solution implemented to minimize the risk of data leak. Below are the ten industries that required DLP the most because of the necessary confidentiality and compliance.


1. Healthcare


3. Government

4. Legal

5. Manufacturing

6. Retail & Logistics

7. Technology

8. Education

9. Energy and Utilities 

10. Telecommunications

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WiderWorld MonGuard

Handy tool to display Screen-watermark

It enables watermarks with user information showing on screens! It gets users’ attention before capturing the screen and helps to backtrace in case of data leaks.

  • On-screen watermark

  • Full screen-watermark

  • Application screen-watermark

  • Supports over 500 Applications

  • Self-defined content of watermark

  • Screen-watermark by condition

  • Central administration

  • Integration with Active Directory

  • Uninstall password for client

  • Password management

  • Admin delegation

  • Self-protection for the software

WiderWorld e-locker – 

Changes “Uncertainty” to “Company Practice”

Curtain e-locker offers a holistic approach to protecting your valuable sensitive information. It includes all the features provided by Monguard, and making sure sensitive information can not be copied or shared out of the protected zone.

It controls:

  • Protected Zone File Handling

  • Sending File Via Email & Web

  • Printing & Print Screen

  • Copy Content Anywhere

  • Pasting File / Content

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